Fitness Kickboxing Classes In NYC

Fitness Kickboxing

Experience the most fun, fat-melting New York City Fitness Kickboxing Classes around. Burn fat, make friends, and have a TON of fun as you kick and punch the fat right off of your arms, stomach, butt, hips, thighs and everywhere else!

Our New York kickboxing instructors are passionate, fun, and enthusiastic. They care about you and helping you get great results, and will give you all of the support and motivation you need to get there!

Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes In New York City

Muay Thai Kickboxing

New York City Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes: Most martial arts involve strikes with your feet and hands. Muay Thai stretches this by adding your knees and elbows - giving you “8 limbs” to fight with. But most of all, our NYC Muay Thai classes are renowned for being intense, fun and hardcore.

New Yorks come who come to our Muay Thai program don't just want to learn a martial art... or get an awesome workout... but to get both of those through an adrenaline-pumping, fist-throwing flurry of hardcore exercise & thrilling technique.

About Our New York Martial Arts School

Our NYC martial arts school is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Just a few blocks from Time Square, and Grand Central Station, we're convenient whether you're coming by train or by car. There are lots of healthy eating options around too, so if you want to grab a quick bite before or after class (martial arts can work up quite an appetite!) - our location has you covered.

We're also just a few blocks from other convenient New York locations like Penn Station, Chelsea Park, and Bryant Park. This makes our facility great too if you have friends or family in town. Catch a martial arts class, then meet them at Times Square to show them around New York City. And since parking can be such a mess depending on what time your classes are, you can conveniently come by bus or train.

Here are a couple of New York restaurants located within a block or two of our martial arts school:

Subway: 1 Penn Plaza, New York, NY. Grab a whole wheat pita and fill it up with lean meats and veggies. Skip the cheese and dressing for a fat-burning meal. Just add some vinegar for dressing (vinegar has been shown to boost metabolism). The Subway blackforest ham and turkey is low in fat and calories. Add lettuce, tomato, peppers and pickles to make it a healthy treat. Fresh veggies aid your digestion, helping foods get processed inside of you more thoroughly and quickly. Grab your sub with a side of apple chips or sliced apples to make it even healthier. But skip the soda! Nothing kills weight-loss efforts like tons of sugar, and even diet sodas have been shown to hinder weight loss, too. Just grab some fresh water!

Market Cafe: 38th st and 9th ave, New York, NY: Grab some healthy, slimming hummus and seafood after a calorie-killing class. Fish is a lean protein that's easily digestible to your body. Hummus will keep you full, and help you get filled faster so you can eat less.