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“It's the most hardcore
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And now, you can become
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I started Muay Thai training 2 months ago. When I started I was looking for a great workout, and to learn a powerful form of self-defense.

I figured I'd get pretty good, but within 2 months I've become better than I ever thought I'd be. Plus, I'm in the best shape of my life.

The teachers here are amazing. The environment is perfect. If you show up willing to work, and learn, you'll do great.

Steven James

  Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes are a great workout and self defense program

Punches, kicks, elbows, &

What more could you need?

Discover how to use every part of your body as a weapon - in any situation. It's the most complete,
and powerful, striking self-defense system known to man.

If your strength is your upper-body, punching will become your new best friend. If your power comes
from your lower-body, watch as your kicking ability skyrockets.

And if you're good all around - you'll become even better. Fast.

Through your Muay Thai training you'll start to notice

Your movements will become faster... your body
will become leaner and more toned... your arms,
legs, and core will become stronger... and your
endurance will become so sharp that you'll last for

You'll notice it in your daily life too. Things that used
to give you a sweat will be a piece of cake.

And you'll have more energy than ever, all
  throughout the day.

Learn how to react immediately - in any situation.

 Muay Thai Kickboxing Training improves your reaction time and speed to be ready for anything!

One of the most powerful - and most feared - elements
of Muay Thai is speed.

No matter what your opponent may do - you'll have a
flawless reaction. You'll know exactly what to do - and
do it - in the blink of an eye.

In a fight there's no time to think things out. You
need to react immediately - and you'll be able to do
just that.

Sound too good to be true? Try out our training for just
30 days and see if you're not already quicker than ever.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes in

Wow, I am simply blown away by how awesome these classes are!

They are ADDICTING. Watch out! If you miss even one class you'll be thinking about it all day wishing you could go!

I knew a bit of martial arts when I joined, but now I feel bad for anyone who would pick a fight with me. Not that I'd go looking for a fight, but I know I can take care of myself.

Muay Thai is seriously an unfair advantage ;-)

Espinozo Garcia

  Muay Thai Kickboxing Program Gives You A Powerful WOrkout and Burn

I've been doing Muay Thai for a few years now. But when I reached a certain level, I felt the program I was in wasn't strong enough for me.

So I started looking for something new. That's when I came across New York Muay Thai.

I immediately noticed something about this place: there are people here at all levels, and EVERYONE gets just as effective training.

If you're completely new, they know how to get you
comfortable fast. If you've been at it for a while like me,
they're competent and skillful enough to give you a TON
to work on.

Never a boring day here.

Frank Caldwell

  Muay Thai Kickboxing Training Gets You in Awesome Shape

Be prepared for your body to change very quickly. I noticed after just the first week my muscles felt much better. They felt tighter, in a good way, and more limber.

After the second week my muscles became WAY more defined. That's when my wife started talking about it LOL.

After the third week I already feel competent in punching and kicking, more energized, and my abs are starting to poke through too.

All in all, an awesome experience that's surprisingly fun.

Keith Leggio

And finally… It’s FUN!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard guys and gals say, “This is one of the funnest things I’ve EVER done!” Muay Thai Kickboxing is hard work… it’s a tough workout… but beneath it all…

“Will I get hurt?”


Any physical activity can lead to injury – and Muay Thai is no exception – but because we place such care in keeping you safe...

We hardly EVER see any injuries here.

We guide you through the perfect way to do each technique. That way you don't do it in a way that harms your body.

We also show you how to stretch properly – reducing your chances for injury even more.

And you go at your own pace. That way you don't force your body to do anything it isn't capable of.

Students who pick up on Muay Thai quickly are just as valued as the ones who need to slow down, and learn at a different pace.

“Will this be really hard on my
body? And is it violent?”


People who do Muay Thai are never the ones to start fights. They're the ones who do everything in their power to avoid fights.

But if a fight has to happen, they're ready to defend themselves.

So no, Muay Thai is not violent.

As far as your body goes... The exercise involved may be tough for you at first. But you're welcome to go at your own pace. This isn't the army or anything! We're here to support you and see you succeed.

It may be a little hard on your body, but not so hard as to cause injuries. Just hard enough for a great, calorie-burning workout.

“Do I have to be athletic or
flexible or anything?”


Not at all! In fact, many of our students are people who just never liked any other sports.

They were never athletic before joining this class.

Now, though, they're in better shape than just about anyone else they know! They're lean, fit, and feeling great.

So if you're not athletic already – don't worry. We'll help you get there.

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Muay Thai (MMA) Noun:
is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is similar to other Indochinese styles,
namely pradal serey from Cambodia, tomoi from Malaysia, lethwei from Myanmar and Muay Lao from Laos. Descended from muay boran, Muay
Thai is Thailand's national sport.

The word muay derives from the Sanskrit mavya and Thai comes from the word Tai. Muay Thai is referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the
"Science Of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight "points of contact", as opposed to
"two points" (fists) in boxing and "four points" (hands and feet) used in sport-oriented martial arts. A practitioner of Muay Thai is known as a nak
muay. Western practitioners are sometimes called nak muay farang meaning foreign boxer.[6]situations, competitors were pitted against one
another with minimal rules. Later promoters adopted many additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote main-
stream acceptance of the sport.